Raising Community Spirit: Spotlight on Alex Perdikis

Working in the auto dealership industry since 1997, Alex Perdikis has a great deal of experience in regard to interacting and building positive business relationships with consumers. Alex’s dedication to offering quality customer service and his willingness to aid community members in need are highly valuable traits in both the business world and in humanitarian efforts. Currently serving as the General Manager of Koons of Silver Springs Automotive, Perdikis demonstrates his strong sense of community spirit within the Greater Washington D.C. area in various ways.

Raising Funds for Charity

One significant example of Alex’s interest in human welfare is his fundraising efforts for the National Capital Area’s chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Inspired and assisted by his wife Dresden, who battled cancer herself, Perdikis and his fundraising team utilized a grassroots campaign to raise $146,000 for the LLS charity in the first half of 2014. Recognized for his community-oriented nature, LLS nominated Alex as one of their Man of the Year candidates. The money that his team raised for charity goes toward financing leukemia and lymphoma therapies and treatments.

Offering Free Services to Furloughed Employees

Living and working near Washington D.C. gave Perdikis the opportunity to extend generosity toward the federal government employees in his community who were furloughed from their jobs in October of 2013. His Koons of Silver Springs dealership withstood a loss of revenue so that these government workers could receive free car inspections, oil changes and tire rotations. This act of community goodwill on the part of Perdikis and other Koons employees was offered to furloughed workers owning vehicles of all makes and models. The dealership also assisted interested parties with financial incentives on new-car purchases.

Contributing to Safety Awareness

His work in the auto industry and interactions with car buyers in the Greater Washington D.C. area help to motivate his stance on the importance of safe driving. In an effort to educate his community on the risks of driving while preoccupied, Perdikis lent his support to the cause of establishing Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April of 2014. Via Gazette.Net, an online publication focused on Maryland news, he announced his commitment to practicing safe driving habits at all times and urged his fellow community members to refrain from activities such as texting or taking photographs while behind the wheel of a car.

Improving the Auto Industry

During the summer of 2009, when the U.S. auto industry was in extreme financial crisis, Alex was serving as Executive Vice President of Jim Koons Automotive Company. The Koons dealerships in Alex’s geographical area sought to stimulate growth in the auto industry by implementing the Cash For Clunkers program at their locations. Through this government program, customers received vouchers that allowed for the trading in of their old vehicles in exchange for new, energy-efficient cars. Alex was not only pleased by the success of this program in regard to the auto industry itself, but was also able to assist community members in receiving great deals on newer vehicles.